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Bioplastics increase produce shelf-life

by Green Plastics


We all know the normal list of reasons to like bio-plastics. They reduce our dependence on oil, they are made from renewable resources, they don’t goober-up the environment with non-biodegradable waste, and so on.

But now we have another reason: bioplastic packaging can actually have a beneficial effect on produce. More specifically, using bioplastic packaging may improve the shelf-life of some produce by 50%.

From the article:

“We have as a company started with the application of bioplastics because we want to stand out for our quality and are very keen to conserve the environment. After we solved the initial problems, it was surprising to find that the potatoes had a much longer shelf life with no adverse effect on the quality,” said Jaap Kodde, director and owner of Flevostar. “We also found that by using bioplastic no condensation formed inside the packaging because the packaging ‘breathes’. Droplets of water which come into contact with a fresh product such as potatoes lead to faster rotting and reduction in quality.”

There has been so much focus in the industry on being able to replicate properties of traditional plastics, like high moisture barrier, they seem to overlook the fact that these properties aren’t always actually desirable.

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