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Theoretical Limits

by Green Plastics


I would like you to read a pair of articles, and think about them in relation to eachother.

First is a recent study that estimates that…in theory up to 90 % of all plastic products and plastic consumption could be replaced by bioplastics. In theory. Of course, we’re not even close, and won’t be for a long time. But if you take the “long view”, we know that at least in principle we can use bioplastics for a vast majority of the things we use plastics for.

How close are we? Enter a second article that claims that the demand for bioplastics should rise to 900,000 metric tons in 2013. The most important driver, according to the study, is an expected continuation of high prices for crude oil and natural gas.

Of course, nobody can predict the future, and there is always a “conservative” and an “optimistic” view.

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