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Cashew Phones (sort of)

by Green Plastics


According to a recent announcement, we may be able to use cashews in our phones.

NEC says that it has developed a new form of bio-plastic that could be used for mobile phones and is 70% made from a mixture of cellulose, a main component of plant stems, with cardanol, a primary component of cashew nut shells.

Current bio-plastics include large amounts of oil-based additives, which results in a low plant component ratio.

As an alternative to oil-based components, cellulose is the plastic’s major ingredient. The cellulose, which is produced in large amounts by plants, including grass stems, etc., is modified by cardanol, an oil-like material that is extracted from cashew nut shells. Most of these stems and nut shells are abundant resources, which are often discarded byproducts of the agricultural process.

This not only will decrease the amount of non-plant additive used in the phone’s material, but it does it in a way that won’t cause a problem for food prices.

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