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Q&A: Detailed information please?

by Green Plastics


Hi, I wanted to know if you could send me detailed information about the generation of bio plastic, since I am a student of industrial design and I like that my thesis is about this subject.

Very good video!

My project is about generation of clothing.

I send a big greeting from Mar del Plata, Argentina!



Hello, and thank you for your question!

I hate to sound like an advertisement, but honestly the best way to get a lot of detailed information about bioplastics, both the science behind it and the practice of making it, is to buy the book:

Green Plastics: An Introduction to the New Science of Biodegradable Plastics

It’s under $40 on Amazon.com, and it has everything from a history of bioplastics to its use in different industries to specific “how to” recipes in the back that you can use to make different kinds. If you are really interested in this topic as your thesis, it is worthwhile to get and read this book as a reference.

The book is comprehensive.  Of course, there are also articles on this site that can help you, as well. We regularly post recipes and instructions on how to make your own bioplastic, and information about do-it-yourself projects.

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