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Bioplastic Fishing Baits: Mold, Biocolorants and Microbubbles

by John Petersen


I’ve been working with the basic glycerin based recipe for soft bioplastic baits and have come a long ways with them. One issue I’m having, is finding an earth friendly white colorant.

-What can I safely use for white colorant?

-I am also having issues with the glycerin baits molding within a few days, what can I add to inhibit mold and fungus when in a plastic bag used for packaging?

-I also need an additive that will make the bait float, there are microbubbles made of plastic, but they are plastic–how can I make the bioplastic float, and/or can microbubbles be made of bioplastic?


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  1. Tom says:

    Hey John!
    I’ve been working on a bait for the last seven months, trying to make something that holds up and as far as a white additive goes, I couldn’t think of anything but I have solved the problem of mold, I just added a ton of citric acid, it keeps the mold away for months. hope that helps!

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