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How will acidity of vinegar affect the bioplastic made?

by Dewi


I made a few plastics using different acidity of vinegar. From my findings, I found out that as acidity increases, the plastics became more stretchable.

but from my reading, vinegar is used to uncoil the jumbled polymers. so why does it affects the stretching of plastic? I find this puzzling but I couldn’t find any answer to this. what happen at molecular level? or is it because of experimental error factor?

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  1. Green Plastics says:

    This is a very good question! If I understand correctly, you are wondering about the impact of the different concentrations or “strengths” of vinegar, which have different concentrations of acedic acid.

    Water and vinegar help denature the polymer chains so they can interact with each other better to form a film. It makes sense that this interaction would also allow the polymer chains in the film to slip past each other when stretched, increasing the elongation (stretchability). In a sense, this would allow the vinegar to have a similar effect as plasticizers, which also get between the polymer chains and allow them to move and slide around.

    Plasticizers end up having the same result you described: they make films less strong, so the stretching limit is decreased. At some point, with increasing amounts of plasticizer, the film will be too weak to be practically useful (even though very “stretchable”).

    I have to admit, this is somewhat conjecture. It is a reasonable explanation for the effect that you are seeing, but a detailed molecular picture of the mechanical properties in these films is not that well developed.

  2. sonia says:

    can i make plastic from milk and vineger?

    • ecru says:

      i know it’s a year ago but… for you question…. Yes you can make plastic form milk and vinegar. if you browse some video tutorials i’m sure you’ll find instructions and steps. I find it on youtube though… but didn’t bother to watch since it doesn’t suit my research :)) Sorry. ^^,v

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