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Tomato skin plastic in cars!

by Márton Kardos


Making plastics out of plants is nothing new, but the topic can be very controversial, as starch containing plants, like potatoes or corn, could be used for food instead.

But what about plant scrap?

Heinz, the producer of the well-known Heinz Ketchup is looking for ways to utilize tomato peels, stems and seeds, of which they get abundant quantities as byproducts in the production process. They teamed up with Ford and are exploring ways to use dried tomato skins as wiring brackets and storage bins in vehicles.

Ford is increasing the number of bio-material based car components as part of the company’s global sustainability strategy. Their bio-based portfolio now includes eight materials in production.

As someone who is frequently amazed by how hard it is to cut through tomato skin, I can’t wait to see auto parts being made from this material.


Tomato-based plastic in cars!

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