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Where is a good place to buy glycerol?

by Brian


I checked online already and most of the website sell this stuff for a lot of money. Any ideas of how this stuff can be obtained without spending a fortune?




Hi Brian!

You should probably check local drug stores and grocery stores to see what they have. Don’t be afraid to ask people who work at the store, although you should probably call it “glycerine” because they might get confused by the word “glycerol.”

Of course, prices will vary a lot depending on where you are, as well. If you are not in the United States, ordering online might get pricey because I think most of the suppliers are in the U.S.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a relatively small amount WILL go along way.  As we explain in the post “Bioplastic Products: What is glycerol?” to make a solution for most bioplastic recipes, you want to make a solution that is 99% water 1% glycerine by volume.  Sometimes what you buy will already be a solution mixed with water (so make sure you check!), but if you get pure glycerine you will be mixing it with water and it will last a long time!

I hope this helps!



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  1. Green Plastics says:

    Hi Brian! I’ve posted your question and added my reply as well. I hope this helps some… maybe other people who see this will chime in and give you some other ideas as well. Does anyone else know a good place to get inexpensive glycerol?

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