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Is cold porcelain biodegradeable?

by jc


I was wondering if cold porcelain is biodegradeable or if the glue used would negate that effect. I want to be able to shape headbands with my hands, so I was thinking of using a formula that has a clay or dough like texture and that will air dry. Is there a way to get those textures using the recipes like with tapioca which I’ve tried but it comes out as a gel. Ive tested different ratios and added pectin for a couple of recent tests when it came to the tapioca blend.

The first recipe I tried was
4 tbsp cold water
3 tspn tapioca
1 tspn vinegar
1 tspn glycerine

Then I played with it a little variating with
2 tspn tapioca and 1 tspn pectin and 2 1/2 tspn tapioca and 1/2 tspn pectin

The tapioca formula is my preferred starch and I’m not too fond of the formula with gelatin in it. Another thing I’d like to ask is what is the best way of making the plastic more bendable without compromising any of its other properties too much? Im not sure if I’m right in thinking adding more glycerine should work but is there a recommended amount, like a tspn or half a tspn more?

Ah sorry for all the questions and thank you in advance!

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