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Living the all-natural life!

by Green Plastics



In a very cool new article, Hunkering Down in a Yurt, the website custommade.com shows you step-by-step instructions for building and living in an environmentally friendly home that is all natural, made from renewable resources, and eco-friendly from top to bottom!

Since many of you who visit this website are environmentalists and enjoy finding eco-friendly solutions to day-to-day problems, we thought you might enjoy this. Whether you want to go all-in and live in your own home-made hut, or just use the article for tips about individual features you could incorporate into your own home and lifestyle, it’s worth a read.

Our only disappointment? Well, they don’t include bioplastics! Can you give them any suggestions about the way home-made bioplastics might be incorporated into the Yurt lifestyle? Leave them in the comments below!

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