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bio polymer and foaming

by soheil seyednia


Hi ,
I found your website very descriptive and useful ,
I am a polyethylene foam producer and use extrusion process to make closed cell pe foam , can I use this type of starch polymer in this process to make foam? or can I use a blend of this bio polymer with the current resin ?(uo to what percentage?).
appreciate to receive your reply soon.
best regards.
Soheil Seyednia.

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  1. Green Plastics says:

    Unfortunately, we can’t really give technical advice at that level of detail. I can tell you that starch foams are already available commercially, as in packaging peanuts, for example. Manufacturers are often very tight-lipped about the exact process behind its manufacture.

    However, I can answer your question about blending: polyethylene and starch do not form blends; they are incompatible. Even if you were able to extrude mixtures, the resulting foam would not be biodegradable. The starch would biodegrade, causing the foam to break up into very small particles of PE, but the PE would not biodegrade. It would remain in the residue. As a result you would lose the main benefit of having a biopolymer to begin with (biodegradability), but would likely be increasing your costs by adding the biopolymer.

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