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Bioplastic impregnated with gauze

by Patrick


Hey Green Plastics, i was wondering if you have a recipe that can substitute for a bag at the grocery store. We are having a project at my school about the future where me and my group is making bioplastic. The only problem is now that we have been in the laboratory for severel days now without getting any closer to a recipe that can subsitute for a plastic bag. We watched your video clip and where fascinated by you bioplastic impregnated with gauze, which looks like a recipe that could substitute for a plastic bag but we can’t seem to replicate it or come close to it.

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  1. Green Plastics says:

    You say you can’t replicate or come close to the results in the video… can you tell me more about what happens? If I have an idea about what is going wrong or what results you’re getting I might be able to be more helpful!

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