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Product: Bioserie iPhone 4 Case

by Green Plastics


Over on theiphoneguru.net there was a recent review of the Bioserie iPhone 4 case.  Here is a highlight:

Bioserie iPhone covers consist of a unique blend of biodegradable and environmentally friendly components, which are 100% derived from plants and annually renewable natural resources. The majority of the material blend is made up of Ingeo™ biopolymer, under license from NatureWorks LLC, a key partner in our product material development. Ingeo™ is made in the USA, and derived from plant sugars.

The review is a positive one, giving it full praise for its appearance and texture and it’s price of only $34.95.  But a skeptical and inquisitive reader will probably have questions about some of the claims made by the reviewer.

The reviewer says, “bioserie covers do not pollute the environment once discarded as they don’t contain toxic materials that come from petrochemicals,” but this is not a sure thing by any stretch of the imagination: whether the cover is biodegradable, compostable, or toxic depends entirely on other additives in the material and how the material is processed.  The fact that it is made from Ingeo biopolymer does not insure that the final product has any of these desirable qualities.

The reviewer says, “they use considerably less petroleum and contribute considerably less greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than traditional plastic materials,” but again this depends a lot on the manufacturing process.  Just because the plastic material itself is not made from petroleum, doesn’t mean that petroleum aren’t used, and greenhouse gasses aren’t emitted, during the manufacturing process.

This is not meant as a criticism of this product or of Ingeo plastic products in general.  (We are Green Plastics are great supporters of Ingeo, actually.)

But it is important to think critically about these issues.  If you are a student of Green Plastics, you will take a second look and research some of these questions above and beyond the off-hand claims made in a press release or product review.



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