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About make bioplastic

by Abou


I’m a student , and I’m doing a research about the process of making bioplastics. I’ve done some experiments on my school laboratory, using the following protocol :
-2.5g of cornstarch;
-3mL of acid;
-2mL of glycerin;
-20mL of water;
we heat and shake until the mixture get gelled . We pour the mixture on a glass plate and let it until it solidify .
I want to now if this protocol is used on an industrial scale, if someone can give me some doable protocols to make bioplastics in a different way.
Thank You

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  1. Green Plastics says:

    Hello Abou!

    Most commercial companies that make bioplastic products use a slightly different method. Although the plastic you can make with that method is good for some purposes, it is also very limited. For example, starch plastic is not very good for making cups for hot drinks, because it will not be able to hold hot liquids well.

    As a result, most large commercial companies use processes that are more involved, with complex chemical processes and machines. The result is a plastic that is still biodegradable, but much stronger. Unfortunately, of course, these are experts with big machines so you cannot do the same thing at home.

    I hope this helped to answer your question!

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