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Making Bioplastics

by karissa


HI I’m a chemical Eng. student. I’m going to be doing a tech report on bioplastics. I want to make and test the bioplastics to see how well they will degrade. I would like to make a couple different types of plastics from simple ones to more complex ones. I was also hoping to make a cup and/or water bottle. I was wondering what is the best way to make a bioplastic that can than be made in to a cup or bottle.

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  1. Green Plastics says:

    Oooh… making a water bottle is difficult with home-made bioplastics! For two reasons:

    1) Most home-made bioplastics will lose their form quickly when in contact with water.
    2) Most home-made plastic must be fairly thick to be rigid.

    The bioplastic cups that are available on the market for sale are made with a more complex industrial process that transforms the starch polymer into PET, which is then more rigid, as well as more water and heat resistant than the simple starch or gelatin-based plastics that you can make at home.

    You may definitely want to research the differences between the very simple home-made “starch plastics” that we discuss as science fair projects on this website, and the much more complex PET drinking cups that must be made in an industrial facility. Both start with corn … but different processes lead to very different TYPES of bioplastic!

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