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Make your own thermosplastic denture adhesive

by patrick


Since ‘Cushion Grip’ has a huge customer base of followers and yet has been taken off the market, how can we make a substitute at home ?

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  1. Steph says:

    Hi. This website is fantastic. I’ve been searching so hard for something like this. I actually need to make non toxic thermoplastic..something that acts like a hot glue stick. Can anyone help?

    • linda says:

      Have you been able to make thermoplastic denture adhesive yourself steph? if not, what have you found to be usesful? I have tried to convince CVS and the Lion Corporation (who makes Liodent Pink) to buy the copyright/patent for cushion grip but I’m not expecting it to happen. Maybe if multiple people suggest to Bayer to sell the patent and suggest to multiple companies (i.e. polygrip) to buy it maybe something will happen.

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