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Polysole bioplastic can be used in cars

by Green Plastics


An article “Natural bioplastic material could make cars biodegradable” on http://reviews.cnet.com/¬†tells us about a new bioplastic material developed by Solegear, a Canadian green chemistry start-up, that can be used to replace the hard plastic parts of a car’s interior, such as knobs, steering wheels, and door panels.¬† From the article:

Until now, the bioplastic industry standard has been able to mix 40- to 60-percent biomaterial with petroleum- based plastic, but Solegear’s Polysole could inspire the switch to 100-percent bioplastic in a range of industries, including automotive.

But manufacturers may not ready to make that leap and might prefer to start with Solegear’s Traverse–a wood-fiber-filled polymer that can be blended with petroleum-based polymer.

“Traverse is kind of like a hybrid car,” said Toby Reid, Solegear’s president and chief marketing officer, “because it allows our customers to use less gas. Polysole is like our electric vehicle because it allows our customers to use no gas.”

Solegear is speaking with several automotive industry groups, including an undisclosed North American automotive parts supplier and Ford Motor Company, according to Reid. Ford has been a prominent early adopter of green materials in its vehicles, including soy-based foam seats and leather processed without chromium. The company is interested in using Solegear’s Traverse product to create partially biodegradable steering wheels.

Read the entire article here: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13746_7-20018727-48.html

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