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Q&A: Chemical formula for bioplastic?

by Green Plastics


Dear Green Plastics,

Thank you for the great video! I will use it for my school project. But… do you know the chemical formula for the bioplastic it makes? I want to make sure I get it right.




Hello!  Thank you for your question, and I’m glad you would like to use this for your school project.

The plastic in the video is made from combining a polymer — starch — with a plasticizer — glycerin — and each of these has its own chemical formula which you can find fairly easily by doing research online.





It is generally true that a particular “type of bioplastic” will not have a single molecular formula, because each type of bioplastic is made up a combination of polymer, plasticizer and additives in different possible ratios.

In the case of this home-made bioplastic, it is still fairly simply because you have a small number of ingredients.  But when you are talking about professionally produced bioplastics—like the materials produced by NatureWorks LLC—they usually combine different types of polymers together, mixed with plasticizers and multiple types of additives as well, in different ratios.  Each one of these ingredients will have its own molecular formula.

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  1. Sri Hari says:

    Can anyone give me the chemical formula and if possible reaction involved for the bioplastic made in the video by brandon in youtube?

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