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Producing plastic: an inside look

by Green Plastics


On bionomicfuel.com: “The manufacturing process of bioplastics still relies on petroleum based energy.”

On the Health Fitness Topics blog: “However, manufacturing of bioplastic materials is often still reliant upon petroleum as an energy and materials source.”

On Go Green Today: “Bioplastic does still require a manufacturing process that still relies on some petroleum resources,…”



“… but manufacturing bioplastic still relies on petroleum!”

This sound-bite is used as a throw-away line in almost every article and press-release that is critical of the bioplastic industry.  It is standard issue on the list of “cons” provided by news articles that are trying to sound “even-handed” and “fair”: bioplastics have all of these environmental benefits….but on the other hand, they aren’t perfect, because we still need oil to make them.


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