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Lili Design Jewelry – a bioplastic success story

by Green Plastics


For the holiday season, we would like to share with you a home-made bioplastics success story: bioplastic jewelry by Lili Design, Ltd.

Lili Design Jewlery Lili Design, Ltd., has created a line of bioplastic jewelry that is entirely adapted to skin, completely natural and biodegradable. The bioplastic jewelry came out of long research into sustainable solutions to replace fuel based plastic. After months in the kitchen, mixing each ingredient to understand the chemical reaction of natural elements, Lili has developed an innovative bioplastic, based on corn, potato or even tapioca, which is unique.

Lili wrote to us with this wonderful testimonial about her project:

“Bioplastic is fascinating but required a bit of time. As every piece need at least one week to set, it’s a long process, to know what works and what doesn’t. But if you are interested to learn how to cook it from scratch and see a range of completely innovative material,I organize workshop in Surbiton ( Greater London).

And I sincerely recommend the video of Brandon on youtube, which was one of my starting point, more than a year ago. And a great guy, by the way, who took time to answer to my questions and help me really nicely.”

If you want to see a home-made bioplastics project turned into a real-world application—and beautiful jewelry—check out her Youtube videos that the entire process, including the materials, cooking, and jewelry-creation process:

Lili Design 1Lili Design 2Lili Design 2

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