Videos Competition

Would you like to make a bioplastic instructional video?

Can you create a fun and informative instructional video about bioplastic? We are looking for videos of all different types. You can demonstrate how to make a specific bioplastic product in your own home. You can test the biodegradability of various bioplastic products. You can compare and constrast the properties (strength, flexibility, etc) of bioplastic compared to regular plastic. Regardless of what you want to show, make it fun and informative and we will feature your video here!

Would you like to make bioplastic as part of a class or science fair project?

Put together a team with your college classmates, your high school AP Chemistry class, or your team for the science fair. Create a fun and informative video, and you can be featured on this site and possibly win a prize for your school.

(Contact us for detailed instructions and information about prizes.)


CONTACT USĀ for more information on how to get featured!


Make Your Own Bioplastic (Brandon’s Remix)

This video shows you how to make starch-based plastic in your own kitchen, from household ingredients. Give it a try, and make eco-friendly plastic yourself!

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